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There are certain places in this world you that you just can’t help but fall in love with. The first time I set foot in the grainy golden sand of Balearic Islands I knew, without a trace of doubt, that I’ve found my happy place. Everything in and around the island was so enchanting from their adventure coves, majestic and breath-taking sunsets and the beauty of the islands hotels. While tourists spend their days exploring the island, I, on the other hand, chose to wander through the labyrinth of streets in the island to find the perfect hotel for me and my family. These are the hotels that I recommend you book in if you happen to gallivant in the vibrant Balearic Islands.


Ibiza Rocks

Ibiza Rocks is the ultimate place to check-in if you’re one heck of a party animal. Music lovers will surely fall in love with the place as it hosts the world-renowned Ibiza Rock gigs held at the poolside courtyard of the hotel every Wednesdays. For every booking you make with the hotel you are entitled to an all-night entertainment program that features the best DJs in the planet. The hotel offers spacious air conditioned studio-type rooms equipped with their very own kitchenette and balcony. If you want to know what it’s like to live in paradise then you probably should consider Ibiza Rocks.

Marco Polo II

When you find yourself in San Antonio do not forget to look for Marco Polo II. This posh hotel in the island of Ibiza offers tranquillity and serenity like no other. From San Antonio’s main beach you’ll find a well maintained hotel ensconced a hundred meters away and approximately two hundred metres from the City Centre. The hotel boasts of their eighty six luxurious rooms equipped with air conditioning, their very own bathroom, satellite television and fridge. It’s your home away from home. And if you’d like to beat the heat enjoy yourself in their gigantic swimming pool.

Pisces Park

Just because it offers cheap rates it doesn’t necessarily have to qualify as shabby. The Pisces Park is a budget-friendly hotel situated a hundred and fifty meters from the beach. The hotel has all the basic amenities needed but what’s even more amazing about it is its close proximity to bars, clubs and shops. It’s the perfect go-to place for youngsters who want to have a good time. It also offers a fantastic view of the beach and the surrounding boondocks.


HSM Canarios Park Hotel

The relaxing ambiance of the HSM Canarios Park Hotel is fitting for those who want to spend a peaceful and stress-free vacation. The calmness that emanates from every corner of this hotel serves as a panacea for those who seek complete relaxation. The hotel is located about four hundred meters from the Cala Antena Beach in Calas de Mallorca. They have two swimming pools, tennis courts, squash courts, mini golf area and a lot more.

Hotel Clumba Mar

The convenience of Clumba Mar’s location makes it an ideal place to stay for families and couples alike who are dying to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and just relax in a laid-back atmosphere accessible to an entertaining nightlife and a relaxing sandy beach nearby. The hotel has over two hundred rooms and the guests can freely enjoy their superb amenities which include two sun terraces, two adult swimming pools, children’s swimming pools and evening entertainment. Clumba Mar is located fifty kilometers away from the Palma de Mallorca Airport.

Hotel Sol Trinidad

Only one word can best describe Hotel Sol Trinidad and that is nirvana. This glorious three-star wonder is paradise at its finest. It offers three hundred and fifty seven posh rooms suitable for families, couples and singles covering a total of nine floors all in all. Their rooms are designed with utmost precision leaving guests in awe with their fresh pastel colored interiors. They also offer buffet-style dining with a wide variety of international dishes to choose from. Consider Hotel Sol Trinidad as the cherry on top of your vacation!


HSM Torrenova Playa Apartments

On top of a hill where a marvelous view of the deep cerulean sea awaits is the HSM Torrenova Playa Apartments. This extraordinary apartment is conducive for rest and relaxation especially if you want to unwind with your family and friends and break free from the chaotic city life. Its location is only a hundred and fifty meters away from the sandy beach of Mallorca. And if you want to get a glimpse of Punta Ballena, a place known for shopping and entertainment, you can do so without hassle as the HSM Torrenova Palay is conveniently located near it. All units are designed to accommodate up to four persons and each apartment is packed with modern amenities. As for outdoor activities, rest assured that you’ll get loads of those while you’re booked at the HSM Torrenova Playa.

Mallorca Rocks

If you were impressed with the Ibiza Rocks Hotel then prepare yourself to be completely blown away by the Mallorca Rocks. This is the bigger and better version of Ibiza Rocks and it is by far the most remarkable hotel in the whole of Mallorca. This hotel is a 12-building business enclosing an eighty five meter pool where the popular Mallorca Rocks gigs are held every Tuesday between the months of June and September. And if you can’t get enough of these nightly gigs you’ll still have bar options to choose from including Backstage Bar, Mallorca Rocks Fashion Store and the Rocks Cantina. All rooms have a marvellous view of the lagoon-like pool down below.

Hotel Marina Barracuda

Hotel Marina Barracuda embodies affluence in all forms. No wonder it has been considered as one of Magalluf’s favourite hotels in the area. This vibrant hotel offers the best accommodations as well as world-class amenities. They have spacious rooms fully equipped with air-conditioning. It’s a unique symphony of entertainment and relaxation that will surely measure up to anyone’s expectations and needs. They offer a selection of fine restaurants, shopping stalls and bars to keep you busy. There’s never a dull moment spent in the Marina Barracuda Hotel.

Marina Portals Hotel

The Marina Portals Hotel is nestled on the Southwest coast of Mallorca. It has the best location in Mallorca especially if you’re one who adores the beach. This plush hotel is bounded by flourishing gardens, sparkling swimming pools and of course who wouldn’t forget the teeming bars and cafes available for the guests’ entertainment. An expansive golf course, the Real Golf de Bendinat is just a walking distance from the hotel. Marina Portals Hotel boasts of their one hundred and eighty eight classy rooms all designed and decorated with a modern feel. Mallorca’s beauty is amplified by the existence of the Marina Portals.

These hotels guarantee accommodations that will mark a dent in your memory in a good way. Every hotel listed here reflects how the island wishes to take care of all their guests. So the next time your plane takes you on the island brace yourself for another round of world-class accommodation.

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