Year-round fun in Ibiza

Ibiza – the mere name inspires images of sun-soaked days and party-fuelled nights. The Balearic island, which lies in the warm Mediterranean Sea, is famous for its summertime clubbing scene and between the months of June and September it is packed with young, beautiful ravers who come in their droves to party all night and recover in the warm Spanish sun by day. However, those four months of the year aren’t the only time to visit beautiful Ibiza, despite what some might tell you. The island offers plenty in every season and if you want to discover the hidden, ‘real’l Ibiza, you might well want to skip the summer months altogether. Pack your bags, book your travel insurance and head to the White Isle for a guaranteed good time at any time of year.

If you want great weather without the crowds, spring is the time to come to Ibiza. Add to that wildflower-covered countryside, fennel-scented hedgerows and a relaxed pace of life and you’ve got the makings of a great holiday. You’ll find the pristine white sand beaches that are packed with bodies in the summer empty at this time of year and the twisting roads free of the congestion that also befalls the island a few months later. Some of the touristy restaurants are shut outside the peak summer months but this could be a blessing, especially to a budget backpacker. Follow the locals and find rustic, good value tavernas such as C’an Berri Vell in the tiny village of Sant Agusti.

The peak summer months are the most exciting but also the most expensive and crowded. However, if you’re into clubbing this is the time to come. From the opening parties on the last weekend in May to the closing parties across the last weekend in September, Ibiza is the undisputed party capital of the world. The world-famous clubs of Amnesia, Pacha, Space and Es Paradis host the top DJs from across the globe and beachfront bars such as Cafe Mambo and Cafe del Mar pump out chill-out music as the sun sets. If clubbing’s not your cup of tea, head north to quieter beaches and untouristy villages.

Come the beginning of October, the island winds down from the craziness of the high season – the beaches are quieter, securing a table at a restaurant is easier, accommodation is cheaper, and it is generally a far more chilled-out time to visit Ibiza, yet the weather can still be great. Temperatures in October average in the mid 20°C during the day, with cooler evenings making sleep easier. October is also the month to shop at Ibiza’s annual Autumn Craft Fair. Held in the first fortnight of October, the market is packed with stalls selling handmade jewellery, textiles, glass, ceramics and leather. And if you still fancy a big night out, Pacha is open year-round at the weekends.

The sea may be too cold to swim in but the sky is blue and the sun warms even the coolest days. The hills bloom with beautiful almond blossom in February and the cooler weather makes for perfect walking conditions. Head for the hills surrounding the quaint village of Santa Agnes and enjoy a couple of hours of walking in the almond blossom-scented countryside. Reward yourself with an inexpensive but utterly delicious lunch of tortilla and chips at C’an Cosmi back in Santa Agnes.

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