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Zagreb is the capital and largest city of Croatia. Zagreb is the best area of Croatia for business, industrial and tourism. It hides the great history of Romans emperor, so visitor can see all of Roman’s reflection in Zagreb. For tourist it is most attractive place because of The Sava River, Danube and wonderfully historic towns and places.


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Things to do in Zagreb

Every monument, religious architecture, park, historical place and museum in the Zagreb is accessible by foot. The beautiful area of Zagreb is divided into two parts because of attractive places. These two parts are Gornji Grad (The Upper Town) and Donji Grad (The Lower Town). Whenever you come to visit, there are some suggestions to be done or visit in the Zagreb.

1. The Archaeological Museum

An attractive and biggest museum that was established in 1846, covers all Early Stone Age inheritance to be visit.

2. The Art Pavilion

An impressive and iron-framed building of artistic looks that attract tourist to learn about precious art.

3. The Botanical Gardens

Beautiful, attractive and colorful garden that has huge variety of flowers and plants.

4. The Croatian National Theatre

A  neo-baroque landmark that has the attractive theatre of Zagreb.

5. The Meštrović Pavilion

A majestic round building that is the great symbol of zagreb’s architecture and artistic work.

6. Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

One of Zagreb’s most famous landmarks with great location of Kaptol Hill overlooking the city with full of spectacular exterior and interior work.

7. The Jelačić Square and Josip Jelacic Statue

A historic square that is located in the center of the Zagreb and great view of attractive statue of Josip Jelačić with cover one of Zagreb’s oldest buildings and the famous Manduševac fountain.

8. The Medvedgrad Museum

An ancient fort, nice decorated museum and best site to learn about the military history of Croatia and Zagreb.

9. The Jarun Lake

One the beautiful lake of Zagreb with the great location of the best nightlife on lakeside.

10. The Bloody Bridge

The most notable bridge that has a vast bloody history of many wars and battles.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Zagreb

Zagreb is best city that enjoy their nightlife with different style. This beautiful city offers many weekend events and celebration occasions in bars, clubs, discos, rest places and many open environments. Some of entertainment places in Zagreb are:

1. Bacchus Jazz Bar

A best Bars & pubs that offers good Music of jazz with calm environment to meet friends.

2. Boogaloo

Boogaloo is a 1,500 capacity club for DJ’s playback and live performances.

3. Gjuro II

One of the best cultural locations that show Zagreb’s tradition and culture within the environment of musical place also offers all requirements of a bar and club.

Restaurants and Dining in Zagreb

Zagreb has great traditional restaurants that offer cheap and tasty lunchtime deals. All of these restaurants offer best quality of food in Grills, Seafood, Turkish, European, Italian, Mediterranean and many more. Some of famous restaurants are:

1. Baltazar

A famous Restaurants & cafés that offers rustic-style with attraction of an upmarket business. The best cuisines of Baltazar international taste of traditional grills, seafood and meat and fishes dishes.

2. Zinfandel

One the best place that offers Romantic, Business deals and Special event celebration with great taste of European, and Mediterranean cuisines.

3. Takenoko

For Japanese and Asian visitors it is best place for dining that offers large range of Japanese and Asian dishes within attractive price and good taste.

When to Visit Zagreb

Zagreb has good atmosphere due to fresh water river “The Sava River”. The Sava River make climate wonderful mild and cool in all year but sometime it is sunny. All weather has importance and special festival that make great environment the environment of enjoyment. The best suggested time period to visit Zagreb is June to July.


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