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The beautiful capital of Poland is Warsaw that attract visitor with historical and architecture places, galleries and museums. All of these palaces and castles represent the most important historic events. Many buildings of Warsaw also show the disaster of The World War II but almost area of Warsaw is rebuilt to attract visitor.

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Things to do in Warsaw

Whenever you come to visit, there are some suggestions to be done or visit in the Warsaw.


The most attractive region of Warsaw that is full of monuments, beautiful Gothic churches, Renaissance tenement houses and stylish cafes.


Baroque, resembling palace, the Royal Castle represent Italian architectural work. Also a museum of valuable rooms and apartments of Polish kings and a beautiful gobelin tapestry, stylish furniture and collections of porcelain and paintings.


A monument place in the memory of Great King Sigismund III, with the height of 22 m.


A religious place and the oldest church in Warsaw with the history of The World War II.


The most beautiful park with the area of about 70 hectares. Its romantic and wonderful places attract plenty of people from Warsaw like also tourists with the Palace of the Water, Chopin Monument, Chopin concerts and many more.

6. Statue of the Little Insurgent

A bronze statue memorializes the children who lost their lives in the Warsaw Rising, a very sad but real history of Warsaw.

7. Lazienki Park and Chopin’s Monument

A wonderful place with Park and several buildings to talk a leisurely stroll through with lots of things to see along the way.

8. Ghetto and Jewish Life

The memorial area where more than 300,000 Jewish people from the Ghetto were put onto cattle cars and sent to extermination camps.

9. Syrenka – Mermaid

The beautiful area of “Wiadukt Stanisława Markiewicza” with the beautiful Mermaid should be visited to watch the beauty of nature.

10. Wisla River

Also called as “The Vistula” and is the longest river in Poland at 1,047 km (678 miles) in length. It drains an area of 194,424 km².

Entertainment and Nightlife in Warsaw

The people of Warsaw never waste their chance of enjoyment. They arrange many weekend chances to entertain their family, friends and relatives. Some of famous entertainment and nightlife places of Warsaw are:

1. Foksal 19

Luxury nightspot for spending nights with entertainment activities and serving of bars till late night.

2. Cafe Nowy Swiat

An elegant cafe that has been entertaining politicians and the art crowd for over a century. It offers great and hot coffee and cake with watching Warsaw’s movers and shakers.

3. Miedzy Nami

One of the favorite entertainment places of visitor where they can meet with their favorite artists, models and city slickers.

Restaurants and Dining in Warsaw

Warsaw offers delightful, unique and fine dining range of food with best entertainment places. The one who love to eat, also know how to choose best place. Some of brilliant restaurants are:

1. Noa Noa Restaurant

A well-known Wood Grill & Sushi Bar Warsaw offers the wide range of Seafood, Sushi, and Caribbean with attractive looks and friendly environment.

2. The Maho

The best place of Turkish dishes with the great looks like a glorified kebab shop.

3. The Osteria

Offers best range of seafood with the fresh menu of oysters, langoustines, parrotfish and some very good octopus. Such a best place for seafood lover in the Warsaw is Osteria.

When to Visit Warsaw

Warsaw experiences cold winters and warm summers, sometime it raining and sometime it snowfall. But the best time to visit Warsaw is summer season because in this time period temperatures averaging in the 80′s, but with low relative humidity. The best duration of months to visit Warsaw is April to October.

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