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The Lithuania’s largest and capital city is Vilnius that is closely situated on the border of Belarus. Having regained independence, the city has over recent decades blossomed into one of Eastern. Vilnius is Europe’s most charming destinations with lots of attractive places of entertainment and religious area to be learn.

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Things to do in Vilnius

Whenever you come to visit, there are some suggestions to be done or visit in the Vilnius.

1. The European Park

A few miles north of Vilnius town center Lithuanian sculptor Gintaras Karosas founded the European Park that is fully decorated with natural greenery.

2. Hill of the Three Crosses

A great hill station or the hill area near the Gediminas Castle in the Old City that shows brilliant view of hills with a trio of crosses.

3. The Museum of Genocide Victims

Shows the history of the Soviet occupation of Lithuania and beautiful are collection of exhibits.

4. The Gates of Dawn

Some people know it as Ausros Vartai which is the Vilnius Religious Sites and ancient model of worshiper.

5. Church of St. Theresa

A huge architectural building of churches or cathedral made on the great memory of Mother Theresa.

6. The Vichy Vandens Park

A well-known Vichy Aqua Park, it is called Aqua Park because of beautiful aqua equipped with 7 fast slides originating from a large 28m high tower. One of the best place for the adults visitors where children can enjoy with water.

7. The Frank Zappa Statue

A historical statue between the area of old town and the Orthodox Church.

8. Spa Centre Azia Spa

A huge architectural building that is best place for those visitors who want to relax their body in beautiful and calm environment.

9. The Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum,

A wide area museum that is located in two different buildings and depicting Lithuanian Jewish history and culture by the beauty of antiques elements.

10. The Zaliasis Tiltas

It is a Historical Museum that is best place for researcher.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Vilnius

Like other cities Vilnius also entertain visitor by offering night clubs, pubs, bars and live concerts. Everyone who comes to visit Vilnius can enjoy the precious tour of Vilnius with musical nights.

1. Aulos Bliuzo Klubas

Nightly live music that is organized by local bands with a passion for performance, mix of the blues, rock and jazz.

2. Balti drambliai

A perfect place for vegetarians because it offers only vegetarian cuisine, lots of delicious types of tea, mildly alcoholic drinks, live music concerts and DJ sets here.

3. Viesbutis Hotel Bar

One of the cozy and popular hotel and bar that offers large variety of drinks till late night.

Restaurants and Dining in Vilnius

Whenever a visitor or tourist came to visit a place, they have very limited budget. Throughout this limited budget they need good tasty food within their range. So, the restaurants of Vilnius offer good taste with good price. Some of restaurants are:

1. TakeWay Restaurant

A friendly little place offers Asian, Fast food and stir-fry food with the quick service and fresh ingredients.

2. Ida Basar

Best for fine dining and high class food with the great location inside a lovely 16th-century building.

3. The Sopran

Best offers and servings that involved entertaining a couple of under-sevens with tasty cake and ice cream.

When to Visit Vilnius

From the many years it is to be noted that average of weather is almost going same. December and January is the coolest month, February is the driest month and July is the warmest and wettest month and the remaining months have normal weather with acceptable temperature. So the suggested months by my side to visit Vilnius is April, May, August, September and October when Vilnius has a nice average temperature.





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