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Vienna is the capital city of Austria. Vienna is world famous for the strains of Mozart and hip-hop music co-exist, while a stone’s throw from the grand dames and their miniature dogs in traditional coffee houses are hip new cutting-edge bars and cafés that rise average of visitor every year.

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Things to do in Vienna

Informative Museums, Quartier, Cultural district, courtyard of the old Spanish riding stables, the city’s largest baroque façade and many architectural buildings attracts visitor to come Vienna must in once a life. Whenever you come to visit, there are some suggestions to be done or visit in the Vienna.

1. Historic Center of Vienna,

One of the historic centers of Vienna that is rich in beautiful architectural buildings, Baroque castles and gardens.

2. Kunsthistorisches Museum

A huge museum that contains large variety not only one of the finest collections of art, but also many priceless objects created for the Habsburg.

3. Austrian National Library

A national and biggest library of Austrian that is the center of information and research regarding the rich history of the Republic of Austria.

4. Schonbrunn Palace

A beautiful, architectural and historical palace of Schonbrunn is a little bit out of the city, but must be visit if you come to Vienna. It has great site view with beautiful gardens and castles.

5. Rathaus

The new city hall of Vienna with gorgeous landmarks and architectural buildings.

6. Tiergarten

The city Zoo and Aquarium area that attract visitor with different type of animals, birds, fishes and many land and water species.

7. Lainzer Tiergarten

Also famous as Lainz deer park and is a huge stretch of woodland in the southwestern part of the city that covers the whole area with beautiful and colorful plants with cute deer.

8. Central Cemetery

Europe’s second largest cemetery and children’s museum symbols the final resting place for over 2.5 million people, including Beethoven, Brahms and many more.

9. Natural History Museum

The huge natural informative museum that covers many varieties of natural elements with the big and real collection of dinosaur skeletons and meteorites.

10. Imperial Treasury

The best museum of Vienna that has large collection of beautiful, ancient and precious jewelry.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Vienna

For most, Vienna is classical music, imperial history and monumental architecture, for others it is forever linked with The Third Man and its haunting Harry Lime Theme. Vienna has a flourishing evening entertainment with live performances that began after 23:00 and going on till morning.

1. Wiener Prater Park

The world-famous park with the features a great variety of attractions for fun-seekers of all ages.

2. Chelsea

Vienna’s Pub with little dance floor and rock music.

3. Tunnel

Offers best Beer, Wine, Pizza, Pasta, Arabic stuff and many things to eat at the modest prices with live music and performances.

Restaurants and Dining in Vienna

Lots of restaurants and all are one of the best in their different cuisine. Similarly Vienna has the large range of different restaurants that offers international taste with cool and attractive environment. Some of famous restaurants are:

1. The Goldene Zeiten

Offers excellent Chinese dishes that are selected from the specific regions of China.

2. The Pizza Bizi

Specialty of this popular chain restaurant is tasty cuisine of European, Italian and thick Pizza.

3. The Steirereck

The beautiful location of The Stadtpark on the banks of the Danube with the best tasty cuisine of Austrian, European and International.

When to Visit Vienna

The best visitors do not wait for the best time, whenever they find a chance to move on and refresh their mind; they go for a trip where they can enjoy. Weathers change all the time but it does not affect to the enjoyment activities. If weather is not so good then there is indoor activities same as lots of outdoor activities. My suggested best months to visit Vienna are February to April when weather is friendly and events are arriving to entertain.


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