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The beautiful capital of Malta is Valletta that attract visitor with historical and architecture places, galleries and museums. Malta and it’s capital city Valletta is best known for its incredible history of The World War II. Valletta is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has 320 monuments, all within easy walking distance of each other.

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Things to do in Valletta

Beautiful location of Valletta has many historic sites and museums that are must to be seen. Whenever you come to visit, there are some suggestions to be done or visit in the Valletta.

1. The Royal Opera House

An open air theatre and architectural building of a Valletta is the best place of enjoyment.

2. Lascaris War Rooms

Attract visitor to know about the military information of Malta. A best Military Museum where you can find the history of military of Malta.

3. Grand Masters’ Palace

Beautiful office of the President of Malta and also has the House of Parliament of the government of Malta.

4. The Manoel Theatre

Brilliant work sample of the grand master Manoel de Vilhena that gives you the best entertainment place in architectural design building to remind cultural history.

5. St. John’s Co-Cathedral

A unique religious monument that has national and international importance for the Baroque art and rich historic and artistic heritage.

6. Casa Rocca Piccola

A historic site to be visit offers you Italian culture in Malta.

7. St James’ Cavalier Centre for Creativity

One of the finest places in Malta and great artistic work of Knights is the large block sandstone walls shows you warm and beautiful galleries.

8. The Valletta Waterfront

Attractive water land that has many restaurants, shops bars, and brilliant services at your cruise ship at the Valletta Waterfront.

9. The National Museum of Fine Arts

Best place where you can find artistic work and great collection of fine arts. It is the biggest national museum with large collection of fine arts.

10. The Great Siege of Malta and the Knights of St. John

No doubt you can find here best collection brilliant artists. All of this collection is on the base of history and work and famous as historic museum.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Valletta

The people of Valletta arrange many weekend chances to entertain their family, friends and relatives. Some of famous entertainment and nightlife places of Valletta are:

1. The Manoel Theatre

Located in the west of Valletta an oldest theatre that entertains you with high standard performances.

2. Embassy Cinema Complex

Best theater that offers American mainstream films in beautiful romantic environment and many features of new audiovisual show on Valletta.

3. Maestro e’ Fresco

Famous for the live musical performances that is arranged weekly on every weekend. Specialty of this famous place is to offer live music like acoustic stuff on Friday and old classics on Saturday.

Restaurants and Dining in Valletta

Valletta offers delightful, unique and fine dining range of food with best entertainment places. In Valletta you can find best restaurants and best menu, some of brilliant and most visited restaurants in Valletta are:

1. The Palazzo Preca Restaurant

Offers large range of Mediterranean cuisines with friendly serving environment.

2. The Chez Cyrille and Cordial Restaurant

Best menu in best place is hard to find but “The Chez Cyrille and Cordial Restaurant” is best one that offers French and Mediterranean cuisines.

3. The Fumia Restaurant

Famous to offer the cuisines of Italian food and dishes with best taste.

When to Visit Valletta

Valletta is a charming island in the center of the Mediterranean that has natives and wonderful climate. Whenever you get a chance to visit Valletta, you are most welcome. But the best time to visit Valletta is the duration of February, March, April, May and June when you get full of entertainment hours.

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