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Vaduz is the capital city of Liechtenstein with the area of 6.7 square miles. Vaduz is the wide metropolitan area with attractive huge surrounding nature looks and attractive places. All of these tourist attractions make your tour to Vaduz one of the best tours. The town, located along the Rhine, has about 5,100 inhabitants, most of whom are Roman Catholic. So we can say that are many roman attractions.

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Things to do in Vaduz

Vaduz can be say as a planet of museums, there you can find lots of museums and all of these have their own historical and attractive importance. Whenever you come to visit, there are some suggestions to be done or visit in the Vaduz.

1. Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

Some of the greatest artistic treasures that are collective by the princes of Liechtenstein. Most of the art collection is from the 1800s to the present day.

2. Brief Marken Museum

A Stamp Museum that has largest world stamp collection and visitor come to visit the Liechtenstein stamps. The collection includes the stamps of the Universal Postal Union, Printing Plates, and Postal Documents.

3. The Liechtenstein Museum of Fine Arts

An informative place that has a biggest collection of fine arts. All of this collection is best symbol of culture and tradition in the beautiful form of artistic work.

4. Hofkellerei (Wine Cellars) of the Prince of Liechtenstein

One of most attractive and unforgettable place in Vaduz that is in shortly called as prince of wine cellars where you can get large variety of wineries.

5. Citytrain

Attractive and entertaining city train of Vaduz that offers you to take a precious and worthy ride of beautiful capital city Vaduz.

6. Vaduz Castle

Beautiful central landmark of Vaduz that is not only a castle but also a medieval fortress and a historic place to be visit.

7. Postage Stamp Museum

One of the best museum and commonly popular place of local, national and international visitor that attract you with small artistic work within affordable ticket price.

8. Ville de Vaduz

Vaduz’s beautiful landmark that attract visitor with natural looks and attraction of huge and vast valley.

9. Schloss Vaduz

Beautiful castle that invites you to visit natural beauty.

10. The Opera Vaduz

Offer high quality opera experience of fun.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Vaduz

Vaduz has a little and calms nightlife with peaceful streets and beautiful twinkling lights. The people of Vaduz like to entertain life in different style. It’s hard to find there bars, clubs and dance floors but there are some of too. Some of most famous places where you can find enjoyment are:

1. The Opera Vaduz

Offer high quality opera experience where you can find the biggest crowd of opera lovers in this enjoyment place.

2. The FC Vaduz

FC stands for Football Club and is a huge Liechtenstein football club, offers the great view of game that play in the Swiss Football League.

Restaurants and Dining in Vaduz

Best taste, best servings, fresh food with attractive outlook environment is offered by the Vaduz’s restaurants. Vaduz offers large range of different cuisines. Here I want to introduce you with some of good taste restaurants:

1. The Engel Ratskeller

Offers beast cuisines of Swiss, German and Austrian dishes in entertaining environment.

2. The Residence Restaurant

Vaduz’s best restaurant that gives you the taste of Asian cuisines.

3. The Pizza – Bar Antonio

Great taste and large variety of pizza and special cuisines of Italian dishes.

When to Visit Vaduz

Vaduz has critical climate that change in all year. So whenever visitors want to visit they can come to visit Vaduz. From a survey, I want to suggest you to visit Vaduz in the days of start summer season and end of winter season. For the more information of weather condition you can also check it by news and website.

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