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Tallinn is the capital and largest city of beautiful country Estonia with area of 61.5 square miles. Great location of the Gulf of Finland, Helsinki, Stockholm and Saint Petersburg make this city most attractive for the tourist. Tallinn is Europe’s most charming and old destinations with lots of attractive places of entertainment and religious area to be learned.

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Things to do in Tallinn

Tallinn offers lots of historic sites that give you a large collection of rich cultural heritage, architectural buildings, museums, Theaters and many more. Whenever you come to visit, there are some suggestions to be done or visit in the Tallinn and make you tour of Tallinn a best tour of life.

1. Toompea Hill

A historic site that is 170 foot high limestone plateau and a great landmark give you full natural look and hill area.

2. Estonian National Opera

Offers live music, concerts and major performing arts venue in one place.

3. National Library of Estonia

One of the great places that offer you a calm and relaxing environment and read books.

4. Estonian Open Air Museum

An open air museum that offers you best look of nature. It is just like forest parkland that has a collection of historic Estonian buildings, transplanted things and many antiques of Tallinn.

5. Kadriorg Palace and Park

The beautiful pink garden and park that attract visitor in spring season with beautiful flowers, so that it is named as palace.

6. Tallinn Botanical Gardens

The beautiful garden of Tallinn where you can find a wide area of 110 hectares that contains more than 8,000 plants of different species.

7. The Old Town

One of the famous historic winding, cobbled streets of Tallinn’s historic center that is most focus point of most visitors.

8. Tallinn Zoo

One of the best, famous and most visited place of little visitor where they can enjoy to look beautiful and wild 6000 different animals.

9. The EstAdventures

Offers a high range of day trips and walking tours in Tallinn that entertain you with beautiful locations.

10. Kumu Art Museum

A beautiful and magnificent ornamental pink palace that is an artistic Museum and historic site.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Tallinn

Tallinn is world famous for its festivals and offers many weekly events and live performances of outstanding Estonian talent. Everyone who comes to visit Tallinn can enjoy the precious tour of Tallinn with musical nights.

1. Tallinn City Theatre

Offers classic theatre productions and best place where you can find lots of olds and latest films.

2. The Ollesummer

One of the most famous places where you can find tasty beer and music festivals in Tallinn.

3. Bally’s Casino

Entertaining environment of gaming place where you can play on the gaming tables, listen music, dance and lots of drinks.

Restaurants and Dining in Tallinn

Whenever a visitor or tourist came to visit a place, they have very limited budget. Throughout this limited budget they need good tasty food within their range. So, the restaurants of Tallinn offer good taste with good price. Some of restaurants are:

1. Von Krahli Aed,

Best offers and servings that involved romantic, occasional and entertainment activities with best test of Eastern European cuisines dining on a budget.

2. Restaurant O

Best for fine dining and high class food of Contemporary, Eastern European and Scandinavian with the great location and late night serving.

3. Ribe

Friendly environment with best cuisines of French and Fusion dishes.

When to Visit Tallinn

From the many years it is to be noted that average of weather is almost going same. Level of temperature is sometime up and sometime down. So the suggested months by my side to visit Tallinn is June, July, August, September, October, November and December when Tallinn has a nice average temperature.

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