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Skopje is the capital and largest city of the Macedonia and located in the Povardarie region. Skopje has been occupied by many different peoples since its foundation and is evidenced by the several Byzantine churches and monasteries around the city, also by a few Roman sites, such as Scupi and Skopje’s Aqueduct that attract many visitor all the year.

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Things to do in Skopje

Skopje has the history of the Ottomans ruler and Roman emperors. Today’s Skopje has many famous  Byzantine officials sites, sultans and Communists leaders history, excellent architecture and culture mosques, fashionable bars and hotels lakes etc. Whenever you come to visit, there are some suggestions to be done or visit in the Skopje.

1. The Aqueduct

The best cultural and historical heritage of Skopje where you can find many informative things.

2. The City Museum of Skopje

The biggest city Museums of Skopje that is full of cultural and traditional collection of famous artists.

3. The Kozjak lake

The beautiful area that covers Natural attractions for the visitors with beautiful looks of wide lake and greenery spread all around.

4. The Murat Pasha mosque

One of the beautiful, historical but sacred heritages of Skopje that reminds the historical days of great emperor Pasha within architectural look.

5. The Skopje Fortress

The fortress has seen better days and probably a lot worse. Seen from any point almost in the city Kale Fortress with all its Macedonian.

6. The Kamen Most

A well-known bridge also famous as “The Stone Bridge” that crosses the river is yet a Turkish building project dating back to the late 15th century with the length of 214 meter long.

7. The Feudal tower

Another best cultural and historical heritage of Skopje that attract visitor with great look and architectural buildings.

8. Lake Matk

Lake Matka is situated on the northern side of Skopje in the SARAJ municipality the beautiful natural location and the environment of the village of Saraj.

9. The Millennium Cross

Attract visitor with monuments and statues that reminds the great history of Skopje and their past living style.

10. Statue of Alexander the Great

Attract visitor with monuments and statues of the great person Alexander.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Skopje

Skopje’s relatively recent strict opening hour licensing rule has forced many bars and clubs to close before the party even starts, taking much of the fun out of the night, even the duration of enjoyment is on Friday and Saturday nights. Some places are:

1. Kaj Pero

Popular with miscellaneous bohemians and other talented types throughout the week, come Friday night this small cellar bar ignites.

2. The Jukebox

The best place of hangouts and musical and entertainment events. You can found there lots of activities for enjoyment.

3. London pub

Pub London is located in the very heart of Skopje at the main square and offers the great environment of London’s pub in Skopje.

Restaurants and Dining in Skopje

Skopje offers some of best restaurants that have good taste with low and affordable prices.

1. Shanghai

Beautiful interior kitchen and dining area with cheap furniture, Buddhist representations and oil lamp indicate attractive look with chines cuisines.

2. The Amatti

A simple Italian restaurant that’s popular with students for the low prices and Italian cheap decoration, young clients and staff, and very decent pizza for eating in or taking out.

3. The Gino

A large and classical looks Italian restaurant on the third floor of the City Shopping Complex, with a small walkway overlooking the center offers large range of Italian dishes.

When to Visit Skopje

The best time duration to visit Skopje is April, May, June, July, August, September and October. In these months weather is very nice and airy. Visitors can easily come to Skopje and enjoy beautiful location.


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