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The beautiful capital and largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina is Sarajevo. Sarajevo has the largest area of 54.6 square miles that attract visitor with historical, cultural, traditional, religious and architecture places and lots of galleries and museums that tells the history of World War II. All of these palaces and castles represent the most important historic events.

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Things to do in Sarajevo

Whenever you come to visit, there are some suggestions to be done or visit in the Sarajevo.

1. The National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina

An architectural building that has many important historical collections from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

2. The Sarajevo National Theater

The biggest city theater that annual hosting of Sarajevo Film Festival in beautiful and peaceful manner.

3. The Bosniak Institute

An artistic and architectural building that has collections of the history of Bosnia and Bosniaks.

4. Sarajevo bridges

Beautiful city of Sarajevo has many bridges that give brilliant view on the Miljacka River and visitor can enjoy a simple walk on these bridges.

5. Gazi Husrev Bey’s Bezistan

A rectangular shape area that is the main city center of 19.5 m wide, with 52 shops and is best place where you can find all luxuries of life.

6. Gazi Husrev-beg’s Mosque

The most significant Islamic and architectural building in Bosnia and Herzegovina where Muslims can easily pray.

7. Dobrinja – Butmir Tunnel

A huge tunnel that is a 720 meters long and built under the airport runway from the 27.

8. Ashkenazi synagogue

An architectural and historic building that is the first religious object and the design of famous Karlo Paržik. It has the attractive location of the left bank of the river Miljacka that attract visitor to visit both brilliant destinations in the Sarajevo.

9. The Orthodox Cathedral

Beautiful new baroque style and the Serb Byzantine architecture building that offers brilliant symbol of artistic work.

10. Sarajevo Academy of Fine arts

Best place where you can find artistic work and great collection of fine arts.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Sarajevo

The people of Sarajevo never waste their chance of enjoyment. They arrange many weekend chances to entertain their family, friends and relatives. Some of famous entertainment and nightlife places of Sarajevo are:

1. The Zlatna Ribica

Best bar and club of the city that offers nice drinks with entertaining atmosphere.

2. The Sloga

Also famous as “The hidden club” and is a good place that offers fun, packed, cheap, and hosts some great Bosnian rock bands.

3. The Aqua Disco

Offers one of the biggest disco floor where you can easily dance and entertain with DJs and live music. Also offers a fresh and cool water swimming pool complex, where you can take swimming and dancing.

Restaurants and Dining in Sarajevo

Sarajevo offers delightful, unique and fine dining range of food with best entertainment places. You can find there lots of restaurant of cuisines Yugoslavian but you can also easily find restaurant of your favorite taste. Some of brilliant restaurants are:

1. The Nanina Kuhinja

Offers best taste of Yugoslavian cuisines with beautiful attractive environment.

2. The Kuhinja mala

Offers best taste of International cuisines, everyone who like to eat international dishes feel free to come here.

3. The Maroko

Offers best taste of Lebanese and Moroccan cuisines.

4. The Barhana

Offers best taste of Italian cuisines with affordable prices.

5. TORTE i to Cafe & Patisserie

Offer best taste of Dessert cuisines.

When to Visit Sarajevo

Sarajevo experiences cold winters and warm summers, sometime it raining and sometime it snowfall, these all are due to its location near to ocean. But the best time to visit Sarajevo are some of months that are March, April, August and September. In these months you can find beast weather with great fun.

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