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Riga is the capital city of beautiful country Latvia and has the great location of The Baltic Sea shore. Riga is the largest city of the Baltic States where you can found the main cultural, political, trade and industrial center with beautiful and historical areas. Mostly popularity of Riga is on the base of great cultural places that attract visitor.

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Things to do in Riga

The beautiful city Riga covers almost all type of places that a visitor wants to visit at a single area. Whenever you come to visit, there are some suggestions to be done or visit in the Riga.

1. The Riga Cathedral

The top visited area is Riga Cathedral in Cathedral Square with beautiful location and calm environment.

2. The St. Peter’s Church

The well-preserved red brick facade that provides an inspiring backdrop near the beautiful Ratslaukums.

3. The Latvian History Museum

Offer largest repository of Latvian material culture with extensive collection of housed in Riga Castle

4. The National Latvian Museum of Art

An impressive example of Riga’s finest architecture and the Museum of Art that focuses 52,000 artworks collection on Baltic and Latvian works.

5. The House of the Blackheads

A historical place that show the history of World War II.

6. The Latvian National Opera, Ballets

Operas and concerts with affordable ticket offers various activities all the days.

7. The Bastejkalns Park and Freedom Monument

Riga’s expansive and lush park with the brilliant look of Pilsetas cana, the Freedom Monument, a column that marks Latvia’s freedom from occupational regimes with beautiful flowers and traditional background.

8. The Riga’s Art Nouveau District (Central District)

Offers incredible examples of Riga’s Art Nouveau heritage within the location of Elizabete’s Street.

9. The Central Market

Riga’s weeklong market offers a series of Art Deco pavilions and historical memory of World War I. This market offers fresh produce, cheese, meat, and household items as well as apparel are available.

10. The Museum of the Occupation of Latvia

Show the history of Latvia in the shape of the Museum of the Occupation chronicles fifty one years of Latvia’s occupation, by the Soviets and Socialist Germans. Archives include documents, photographs, and written and oral histories.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Riga

Riga has good taste of enjoyment; everyone can enjoy their life in beautiful decorated restaurants/hotels, clubs, cinemas and shopping malls that are opened for 24 hours.

1. The Bites Blues Club of Riga

Offers best entertainment, special events and activities on Fridays and Saturdays that are live music concerts and blues masters’ concerts on wide-screen television.

2. The Club Essential

The house of music with confortable dance-floor that plays R&B hits and many more.

3. The Bar & Club Briefing

One the best place for the cutting edge of Riga’s nightlife with cold drinks and beautiful music.

Restaurants and Dining in Riga

We live and earn to eat and if we say about the best place where we can find lots of delicious dishes with attractive environment, no doubt Riga is also one of the best. Some of top restaurant in Riga for different foods are:

1. The Stock Pot

One the best restaurant that offers great taste in Asian, Contemporary, Mexican, Soups and many more.

2. The Folkklubs Ala Pagrabs

Offers best cuisine of Eastern European taste with interior decorated environment.

3. The Province Restaurant

The best romantic place that offers indoor and outdoor seating arrangement with delicious cuisines of Latvian.

When to Visit Riga

The best time to visit Riga is during the summer and autumn months; these months are April, May, June and October. In these months Riga offers you the most daylight hours that enable you to have longer day enjoying and entertainment activities. Moreover the low temperatures and snow of winter season make city extremely beautiful and attractive.

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