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Podgorica is the capital and largest city of Montenegro with the mixture of old and new architecture buildings that shows cultural and traditional inheritance of Montenegro. Many places in Podgorica show history of disaster in World War II. Specialty of Podgorica is also that it is built amongst five rivers, The Zeta, Moraca, Ribnica, Cijevna and Sitnica.


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Things to do in Podgorica

Podgorica hosts a number of cultural events that are very attractive thing for those visitors who love to learn about the culture and enjoy the knowledge. For this purpose Podgorica has many theatres, cultural and historic monuments. Whenever you come to visit, some of my suggestions to be done or visit in the Podgorica are:

1. The Medun

One of the charming places for historians and biologists visitors, Medun shows physical beauty with rich tradition of numerous civilizations.

2. The Duklja

One of the most significant roman towns that offer great antique age environment to the visitor. Great and informative place for the archeological researches and visitor.

3. St. George s Church

Huge, beautiful and architectural building of Church and best place for religious visitor.

4. The Ribnica Bridge

One of the most beautiful and vast Bridges that attract with tall lighting lamps and great view of deep water.

5. The National History Museum of Montenegro

New architectural building but Public Institution and Natural History Museum of Montenegro full of historical heritage.

6. The Vranjina

Shows the great history of a small fisherman lodgment on the brim of Podgorica municipality that is relate to the Skadar Lake.

7. The Nemanjica Grad

Also known as Nemanja´s town. It is popular because of the Serbian dynasty Nemanjic’s birth place who relate with the city urban nucleus.

8. The Monastery Dajbabe

The best holy society on the great location of The Hill Dajbabska gora.

9. The Crnogorsko Narodno

The biggest theater and best place of entertainment, all visitor can go Crangotsko Narodno and enjoy their precious moments of life.

10. The Sahat-kula Adzi-pasa Osmanagica

The best cultural and historic monuments area that attract visitor with the beauty of incident ad traditional wealth

Entertainment and Nightlife in Podgorica

Podgorica has very limited but best places for entertainment. I am going to listed below the best nightlife places, dancing clubs and musical bars:

1. Mexican pub

One of the very best places that offer cheap drinks, relaxing spot, good music with good food.

2. The Trim Bar

It is a sport place where you can enjoy great area for relaxing with coffee, beer and tasty ice cream.

3. Mint Club

Offers day and night both services in different style in both manner of a restaurant and a dancing club with great dancing point where almost 600 people can dance at a time.

Restaurants and Dining in Podgorica

Eating habit is natural and everyone has their own wish and own taste to fulfill their body requirements with full of vitamins, proteins, minerals and best taste. Same as Oslo’s restaurant offers one of the best thing in their menu.  Some famous restaurants are:

1. Maša restaurant

Best place for fresh seafood lovers that offer a large varity of seafood dishes in affordable prices.

2. The Carine Center

Offers the fine dining with the pizzeria. Specialty of Carine Center is best taste with attractive looks of pizza.

3. Carine Moskovska

One of the national cuisine restaurant and the pizza hut.

When to Visit Podgorica

Podgorica has critical climate, summer is hot and winter is mild. The best time to visit Podgorica is from June to August when the weather is so friendly with less rainfall. Sometime the month of July and August look like the hottest months but on the other side from April to October are the best months that always give you warm weather.


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