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Oslo is the capital city of Norway with almost 600,000 inhabitants. Oslo is the wide metropolitan area of one million with huge surrounding nature looks and attractive places. In Oslo a visitor can find many informative and enjoyment places, Lots of museums, galleries, architectural buildings, beautiful parks and many more.

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Things to do in Oslo

Oslo can be say as a planet of museums, there you can find lots of museums and all of these have their own historical and attractive importance. Whenever you come to visit, there are some suggestions to be done or visit in the Oslo. Some of top 8 suggestions to be visit are:

1. The National Gallery

The world famous museum a national wealth building of Oslo with many ancients and historic informative things.

2. Norwegian Museum of Science & Technology

One of the important place to be visit is “The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology” also well-known as Norsk Teknisk Museum, a national museum that shows technological, industrial, traditional and inheritance importance of the Oslo’s citizens.

3. The Viking Ship Museum

Shows the great history and struggle of The Great Viking Ship that discoveries from Gokstad, Oseberg and Tune and many more.

4. The Akershus Fortress

The biggest fortress that is located in the city center by the Oslo Fjord and a well-known great place to discover Oslo’s history.

5. Holmenkollen Ski Museum & Tower

The huge and tall tower that is symbol of historic landmark in the Norwegian realization and also Holmenkollen symbolizes and criticize the history of more than a century of skiing tradition.

6. Natural History Museum

Another famous place of historic elements, culture and inheritance that includes several museums, all of these are related to mostly zoological changes from the day first to currents days, some are the Botanical Garden and greenhouses.

7. Vigeland Sculpture Park

One of most visited and attractive place for the visitor in Norway that attracts more than 1 million visitors every year with its unique environment and beautiful looks.

8. The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet

Norway’s largest place for performing arts institution with maximum over 600 employees working.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Oslo

Oslo has a busiest nightlife with full of enjoyments and beautiful twinkling lights. The city has more than 100 bars, clubs, discos and cafés and many places of enjoyment that are open all the time and special for entertainment in nights. Some of most famous places are:

1. Granittrock

A really best place that create all days/nights a festival of fun and music for everyone.

2. Oslo Jazz Festival

More than 20 years old festival that is arranged every year and famous for the jazz performances.

3. Oslo Live

Like other cities Oslo is also celebrates many live concerts and musical events of pop, rock and hip-hop for three days.

Restaurants and Dining in Oslo

Best taste, best servings, fresh food with attractive outlook environment is the specialty of the Oslo’s restaurants. Here I want to introduce with some of good taste restaurants:

1. Atrium Restaurant

One of the famous restaurants in the Clarion Hotel Royal Christiania offers best taste for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

2. Druen Restaurant & Wine Bar

Offers great dining and no. 1 drinks with the fantastic view of Akershus Fortress, the city hall and the sea of Oslo.

3. Olivia Trattoria, Pizzeria & Al Taglio Tjuvholmen

A modern and superior Italian restaurant in Oslo’s on the water’s edge for delicious dining.

When to Visit Oslo

The best time to visit Oslo is from the months of March to August. Between these months the climate of Oslo is quite mild with normal temperature, rates of hotels and restaurants are almost affordable and most important these months are months of festivals where a visitor can enjoy him/herself.


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  1. David in Norway
    July 26, 2012 at 10:17 pm #

    The National Gallery is really impressive, hosting some world-famous paintings including Munch’s The Scream. Hot tip – it’s free entry on a Sunday!

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