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The capital city of Russia is Moscow. Moscow’s wealth is high culture sight areas to be seen. This lavish capital of a formerly communist nation has full of the luxuries, excesses and decadence of Western capitalism and famous for all that. Moscow shows their struggles to successfully challenge issues to develop of widespread poverty, alcoholism, failing healthcare, and environmental protection. All of sites are attractive and best to visit.

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Things to do in Moscow

Moscow has great The World War II history in all distance, all places must be visit. Whenever you come to visit, there are some suggestions to be done or visit in the Moscow.

1. The Red Square

The great sightseeing view for the neighborhood area with architectural buildings.

2. The Tretyakov

A best gallery and museums of many ancient things.

3. The St. Basil’s Cathedral

The biggest church in the Moscow and the Religious Site for the religious lovers.

4. The Moscow Zoo

The Moscow’s zoos and aquariums with more than 6,000 animals of different species and colorful sea animals. the Moscow Zoo is home to more than 6,000 animals.

5. The Diamond Fund

The second name of it is Almazny Fond that is famous for The Orlov Diamond, a gift to Catherine the Great from Count Orlov with the great history of, her lover and many diamonds and jewels. You can say a best Museums like jewelry house.

6. The Tretyakov Gallery in Lavrushinsky

The State Tretyakov Gallery is the national treasury of Russian fine art that contains more than 150,000 painting that show great artistic work.

7. The Moscow Metro

Another best place to be visit that attract visitor for the Public Transportation Systems and Architectural Buildings.

8. The Bolshoi Theatre

The biggest Theatre, Ballet, Opera and Architectural Building of the Moscow that must be visit for the entertainment.

9. The Moscow Kremlin

Is also called Moskovsky Kreml and the most famous historical and political landmark, the Kremlin is a walled-in complex of cathedrals, palaces and many more.

10. The Arkhangelskoe Estate

The Historic Site, great Park and huge Architectural Building is lavish suburban that includes Neo-classical palace and formal gardens.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Moscow

Moscow is a place where you will find lots of entertainment places with great dance music parties and ethno-music gigs. Some of entertainment places are:

1. The krisis Zhanra

A small cellar bar with good folk music attract every person to enjoy friendly atmosphere.

2. The Trety put

Another entertainment place also known as Third Way. This is a bohemian bar that has incredibly cheap drinks and odd arty techno music, not to mention the chess and videos.

3. The 16 tons

A nightclub popular for live music concerts that are held here every week-end with excellent music of superb DJs.

Restaurants and Dining in Moscow

The best place with best taste is hard to find but in Moscow, all of restaurants are full of taste and range-able prices of menu. Some of top class restaurants are:

1. The Cafe Pushkin

Is best place for Romantic, Business deals, Local cuisine, Special Occasion Dining, Entertaining clients and for family functions that offers Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch Spot, Dinner and Reservations all the time.

2. The CDL Restaurant

Best foe the Russian cuisines and offers Reservations options with best menu and rates.

3. The Soho Rooms

The cuisines it offers are Fusion, Russian and Seafood with the dining options of Reservations and After-hours.

When to Visit Moscow

The best time to visit Moscow is April and May because in these months the temperature is between the 50 and 60 and the sun begins to shine for significant portions of the day, and hotel rates are also in range-able. In these months the duration of spring is at the peak of beauty.


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