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Minsk is the capital city and the biggest city in Belarus with 1,8 million inhabitants. Minsk is older than European cities like Moscow and Stockholm. Minsk has a lot of nice soviet-time architecture and city planning and is also considered being one of the most soviet cities of the former SSSR.

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Things to do in Minsk

Whenever you come to visit, there are some suggestions to be done or visit in the Minsk.

1. The National Arts Museum of the Republic of Belarus

National museums that provide paramount lessons about a particular country, especially a diminutive one like Belarus with over 25,000 items on display.

2. The Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mar

The majestic Baroque Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary is a vital landmark in Minsk.

3. The Dom Ofitserov

The historical place of national war memorials and Dom Ofitserov is a great one.

4. The Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul

The fortress Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul also famous with the name the Church of Saints Simon and Helena.

5. The Palats Mastatsva

A huge Art Palace is a hip haunt in Minsk with the great symbols of modern art, browse book stalls, haggle with antique vendors or simply people-watch, this is the place to get a feel for the city.

6. The National Library of Belarus

A best piece of architecture in the shape of a rhombi cub octahedron, head to Minsk pronto. A huge collection of nearly 10 million books and documents.

7. The Island of Tears

Just outside the Old Town of Minsk is a small footbridge which takes visitors to a somber memorial dedicated to the scores of Belarusian soldiers.

8. The National Academic Big Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus

Hid the heart history of Minsk.

9. The Dudutki

The excellent open-air museum offers a veritable slice of rural, bucolic 19th century Belarusian life. Admission includes a hearty, traditional meal.

10. The Belarus National Museum of History & Culture

A comprehensive tour of the Belarus National Museum of History & Culture is a de facto journey of the country’s long and turbulent past.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Minsk

Minsk is a planet of enjoyment with many night activities. Some of brilliant entertainment center in Minsk are:

1. The West World Club

One of the biggest night clubs in Minsk that takes more than 1000 visitors at a time and offers both disco and a casino.

2. The Max Show

New Russian kind of night clubs with expensive entrance, casino, a wealthy public and lots of Mercedes parked outside and lots of thing to entertain with best music.

3. Belarusskij Gosudarstvennij Tsirk

Also known as Belarusian State Circus and offers many different activities to entertain and enjoy a life.

Restaurants and Dining in Minsk

When a visitor visits a place he/she must need the taste of their own choice. Such types of some places are:

1. The II Patio

The famous Italian restaurant serving pizza, pasta, meat-dishes, salads, and many more all at a nice price-level.

2. The Gurman

Gurman is famous for the really nice meat dishes on nice budget menu and also a nice place for beers and drinks.

3. The Strawnya Talaka

A small Belarusian restaurant that is best and suitable for a romantic, intimate dinner amid sophisticated Slavic décor, although it can get a little smoky, depending on the other diners.

When to Visit Minsk

The climate of Minsk is continental in type with a dominant humidity and temperature is different in all months. The best time to visit Minsk is during the warm summer months like May and September. These months are best because of nice climate with suitable temperature.


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