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The city of Luxembourg is also known as Luxembourg City and is the capital city of Luxembourg. This city has many beautiful attractive places with the great city location of the Alzette and Pétrusse Rivers in southern Luxembourg and outstanding valleys and plateaus. Because of its prettiness, it is also famous as “The Gibraltar of the North”.

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Things to do in Luxembourg City

Whenever you come to visit, there are some suggestions to be done or visit in the Luxembourg City.

1. The Grand Ducal Palace,

One of the best historic, architectural and beautiful places that are the palace of the Grand Duke and his family.

2. The Luxembourg American Cemetery Memorial

A beautiful and historic memorial and must be visited place whenever you get a chance or stay in Luxembourg City.

3. The Casemates du Bock

Attractive and historic site with best green landmark.

4. The Historisches Museum der Stadt Luxemburg

A wide area museum that shows the great history of Luxembourg City.

5. The Notre Dame Cathedral

A huge architectural, historic and religious building of churches or cathedral that is built in the Gothic style interior features massive pillars and beautiful works of art.

6. The National Museum of Art and History

National museum of Luxembourg has a variety of collections from classical to modern art, archaeological artifacts, weapons, coins and more.

7. The Monument de la Solidarite National

Great symbol of Monument to National Unity with brilliant work of monuments and statue that represent Luxembourg City.

8. The Petrusse Casemates

Longest and huge of cave type building is great traditional and cultural treasure of Luxembourg City.

9. The Viaduc

Also called as Passerelle, a huge bridge that is located in the beautiful location of valley and gives one of the fantastic view.

10. The Casino Luxembourg

In the past it was a center for social and cultural events until recently but today it is mostly used to exhibit modern art and arrange various festivals.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Luxembourg City

Like other cities Luxembourg also entertain visitor by offering day and night different activities. Lots of night clubs, pubs, bars and live concerts offers visitor to enjoy the precious tour of Luxembourg City with musical nights. Some places best for night entertainments are:

1. Café des Artistes

Offers a beautiful and romantic environment of candlelight dinner and outstanding music of best piano players.

2. Casino Luxembourg

It is a best place for those visitors who want the environment of casino with beautiful art galleries.

3. Printemps Musical Festival de Luxembourg

One of the best musical festivals that give you loud, sweet and best musical day and night offering by best artistic performances.

Restaurants and Dining in Luxembourg City

Whenever a visitor or tourist came to visit a new place, they have very limited budget. Throughout this limited budget they need good tasty food within their range. So, I would like to introduce you with some of famous restaurants of Luxembourg City that offer good taste with good price. Some of restaurants are:

1. The Clairefontaine

Famous for the French cuisines and large variety of menu.

2. The Kamakura

Good to eat, tasty, healthy and wealthy meal of Japanese cuisines with full of entertainment environment.

3. The Chez Bacano

Specialty of Chez Bacano restaurant is to offer number 1 taste in Spanish and Portuguese cuisines.

When to Visit Luxembourg City

Beautiful city of Luxembourg has many surrounded valleys, plateaus and rivers that control city temperature. So whenever you want to visit Luxembourg City, feel free and calm, the atmosphere will definitely suite you. Some of the suggested months by my side to visit Luxembourg City are March, April, July, August, September and October when Luxembourg City has a nice average temperature and brilliant site view.

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