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Kiev is the capital city of the Ukraine. It has great but hard history of the Mongol Empire, The great World War II, Chernobyl, and Soviet rule. It has lots of attractive theaters, museums, religious places, modern and ancient buildings with great culture and history.

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Things to do in Kiev

1. The Dnipro Embankment

A very beautiful river with beautiful views of the Black Sea and an international cruise. Fresh water of river looks beautiful and attracts visitors to enjoy weather with a cool atmosphere.

2. St.Michael’s Monastery

Michael the Archangel is regarded as the divine of Kiev. St. Michael’s stone Cathedral, with beautiful golden domes is a great attraction.

3. The Kiev Pechersk Lavra

One of the oldest monasteries which have great history on the territory of Lavra and all of these are arranged in the stone temples, monastic cells, and other buildings for a peak.

4. The Monument to St. Volodymyr

A great statue of Prince Volodymyr with a height of 70 meters above the Dnipro level in Volodymyr’s Hill Park.

5. The Great Patriotic War Museum

A museum full of war weapons, statues and many historic elements. A great World War II museum.

6. The Saint Sophia Cathedral

Shows the great example of Byzantine and Ukrainian Baroque architecture with attractive Religious Sites and Architectural Buildings.

7. The National Opera House of Ukraine
A huge place of Theatres, it is best place for the entertainment. It offers new and old movies with big screens.

8. The House with Chimeras

A  historic place with a great example of Ukrainian’s Architecture.

9. The Hedgehog Monument

Full of Monuments and Statues to remember history.

10. The Grishko Central Botanical Garden

One of the beautiful places of plants with beautiful colors of flowers and species of different plants.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Kiev

Discos, pubs, clubs and casinos are there step by step. The famous entertainment places in the Kiev are:

1. The Fruktopia Baboon Café, a restaurant and also a nightclub with great music and  the original design of the most fashionable cafe of Kiev

2. The Swing, restaurant with great music such as original variations of classical, jazz and swing compositions.

3. The Ukraine, a biggest theatre in the Kiev with best interior design, quality of service, location and program.

Restaurants and Dining in Kiev

Some of famous restaurants are:

1. The Avalon

Delight, coziness and luxury with full of taste. Publicity of this restaurant is because of fish food. The menu of fish food is more than 20 kinds of fish, which are cooking according to your wish. Moreover offers best wines from France, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

2. The Capuchin

Offers the cuisine of the restaurant is European with a distinctive French accent.

3. The Grand Plaza

The highly versatile restaurant that is open 24 hours a day with friendly environment and good taste. Best food that Grand Plaza offers are Salads and hors d’oeuvres, soups, meat and fish dishes.

When to Visit Kiev

March is the beautiful and warm month to be visit and also probably the best too.

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