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The City of San Marino is the capital and largest city of Republic of San Marino on the Italian peninsula. It is situated near the Adriatic Sea and in the Apennine Mountains. City of San Marino is also known simply as San Marino and has many surrounding mountains with huge peaks.

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Things to do in City of San Marino

Every monument, religious architecture, park, historical place and museum in the City of San Marino is accessible by foot and by car. The beautiful area of the City of San Marino covers highest point, at Mount Titano, where the Three Towers of Guaita, Cesta and Montale are located on the three different mountain peaks. Whenever you come to visit, there are some suggestions to be done or visit in The City of San Marino.

1. The Town Hall’s Tower

A beautiful town hall of the City of San Marino as well as its official Government Building.

2. First Tower of San Marino

Also famous as Guaita and is the first tower of San Marino. UNESCO World Heritage Site and must be visited place of San Marino Historic Centre and Mount Titano.

3. The Huntington Library

Well known aka Huntington Library and Art Collection & Botanical Gardens that is located in the beautiful city of San Marino.

4. The State Museum of San Marino

An attractive and biggest museum that has a wide variety of historical artifacts and paintings to be visit.

5. The San Marino Historic Centre and Mount Titano

Covers 55 hectares, including Mount Titano and the historic center of the city which is an historic place that gives you beautify view of the whole city.

6. The Museum Of Ancient Arms

The Museum displays part of the rich armory collection acquired by the State between 1956 and 1972.

7. The Palazzo Pubblico

An architecture and artistic Government Building that has good statues and attractive looks of the area.

8. Palazzo Sums

A historic site that is located in the beautiful and attractive location of the city of San Marino offers great view of attractive statue and stones work.

Entertainment and Nightlife in City of San Marino

San Marino is Europe’s third smallest country and is the world’s oldest known republic. When night spread all around the city of San Marino becomes quiet and peaceful, making it ideal for strolling and leisure walks. The evening lights here that softly illuminate the streets and old structures create a romantic and warm ambience. Some of clubs and bar where you can find fun are:

1. San Marino City Club

Commonly called “City Club,” that offers the best civic, educational and cultural services.

2. Lacy Park

A picnic area is often the site of musical concerts, civic events and pancake breakfasts.

Restaurants and Dining in City of San Marino

The City San Marino is strongly offers best cuisines of Italian in many different regions, but it has a number of its own unique dishes and products. The City of San Marino has great traditional restaurants that offer cheap and tasty lunchtime deals. All of these restaurants offer best quality of food Italian, Continental and Chinese. Some of famous restaurants are:

1. The II Piccolo

A famous Restaurant that offers tasty Italian with beautiful environment.

2. The Ristorante Cinese Guang Dong

One the best place that offers great taste of Chinese cuisines within the Chinese environment.

3. The Cacao II Ristorantino

Offers best taste of Italian dishes, Pizza and Vegetarian cuisines.

When to Visit City of San Marino

City of San Marino has good atmosphere due to coastal area. The climate of the beautiful City of San Mario is wonderful mild and cool in all year. My best suggested time period to visit this coastal and seaside area is the months of March, April, May, September and October.

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