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Bucharest is the capital and largest city of The Romania that offers municipality, cultural, industrial, and financial attraction and is a center of Romania. Bucharest has also many famous tourist destinations places in Europe because of the rich collection of Architectural, Historical Roman Buildings, Gothic, Baroque, and many precious inheritances.


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Things to do in Bucharest

The beautiful area of Bucharest is also known as the “Little Paris” that is Romania’s capital, is known for its wide, tree-lined boulevards, and glorious Belle with attractive architectural buildings and historical places. Whenever you come to visit, there are some suggestions to be done or visit in the Bucharest.

1. The Palace of Parliament

One of Bucharest’s most romantic sights and beautiful palace that represent the great history of Parliament of Bucharest.

2. The National History Museum

Brilliant location of the 1900 Post Office building with the historic collection of Bucharest.

3. The Stavropoleos Church and Monastery

One of the most beautiful, historical and religious site where you can find the great architectural design of Wallachian Prince.

4. The Village Museum

One of Bucharest’s finest sights is the Village Museum that is located in the Herastrau Park alongside a beautiful lake and remind you cool and calm atmosphere of the village.

5. The Romanian Athenaeum

Well known Ateneul Roman is the beautiful Architectural Building and best place of Symphonies and Concerts.

6. The Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History

A vast museum that have attractive and astonished collection of nature. Here you can find biggest collection of bones in manner able arrangement.

7. The Old Town

One of the best gathering places that spread around the foothills of Bucharest Castle. Full of ancient houses, quaint side streets and historic walking area.

8. The Bucharest National Opera House

The interior and architectural building of Bucharest opera and a national wealth of enjoyment.

9. The Orhideea Health and Spa

Orhideea Spa is created to be an endless paradise within a particular space, decorated environment and very good music to be listen.

10. Triumph Arch

Great example of Landmarks, Monuments and Statues that attract you to visit and increase their importance.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Bucharest

People of Bucharest are very fond of music and so that has a great musical halls, concert centers and attractive nightlife. They never miss a single chance of entertainment. Bucharest is home to a number of bars that specialize in beer, beautiful ladies entertain their clients in clubs. Some of famous attractive places of national and international visitors are:

1. Cotroceni/Glendale Studio

A great cinema that offers artistic environment within attractive halls.

2. Sala Radio

A National Radio Orchestra house that is one of the best in the country that offers musical hall with brilliant concerts and dancing performances.

Restaurants and Dining in Bucharest

Restaurants in Bucharest are famous to fulfill your expectations, offering you special Romanian dishes, national and international cuisine and refined drinks within good taste and affordable prices. Let’s take a short look on some famous restaurant to find out the taste and choice of Bucharest’s restaurants. Some restaurants are:

1. The El Bacha Alba Iulia Restaurant

Great location and destination of meat and vegetable lovers.

2. The Aladdin Restaurant

The famous stylish, air-conditioned restaurant that offers tasty cuisines of Arabian dishes within Arabian style of serving.

3. The Charme Restaurant

Offers a complete fine dining experience of the cuisines of Italian.

When to Visit Bucharest

The best times to visit Bucharest are the months of April, May, August, September and October because of friendly and mild condition of atmosphere. Also in these months there are few tourists, so no more crowd and easy to visit. Moreover rate of hotels, restaurants and shopping malls are also low and under budget.

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