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Ankara is the capital and second largest city of Turkey. Ankara is famous for its great history of “Angora’s collection” and architecture. The historical places are unforgettable and reasonable for domestic and foreign tourists every year.

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Things to do in Ankara

Whenever you come to visit Ankara, there are some things we suggest you check out:

1. The Ataturk Mausoleum

Situated at the top of a hill overlooking the city and shows Monument, Performance of Turkish. It is commonly called Anit Kabir.

2. The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations

A huge museum that has an incredibly attractive collection of the history of mankind. Everything in the museum shows how mankind lived over 9000 years ago.

3. The Aslanhane Mosque

Due to its superb architecture and ironic mosaics, Aslanhane Mosque serves as one of the oldest relics located within the Ankara Citadel, giving a flavor for ancient Turkey.

4. The Ankara Citadel

The cultural collection of Galatians and Romans with the brilliant view located atop a hill in the old city. The full area inside the citadel shows traditional samples of great architecture. It is also known as Hisra.

5. The Ankara Express

Railway station of Ankara which is a busy transport area.

6. The Roman Baths

A huge Roman Bath shows the art and of Romans that were built in the honor of Asclepios, the god of medicine. It has three main partitions for cold, warm and hot sections, these are respectively a Frigidarium, a Tepidarium and a Caldarium.

7. The Ethnographic Museum

A museum with a rich collection of folkloric artifacts, art gallery of stones. It is also famous because it was the first resting place of Ataturk, a Turkish great leader.

8. The Column of Julian

This column stands 15 meters high that was created in 362 AD to mark a visit by the Roman Emperor Julian.

9. Hattusas

Another great site of ancient ruins in turkey. The works on stones are very attractive.

10. Amasya

Great view of pretty towns with tight mountain valley.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Ankara

When tourist comes to visit a place, they definitely want some nightlife. For entertainment Ankara is very attractive. There are three famous entertainment places where a tourist or visitor can spend their time for a good time. These are:

The Kinacilar Bar which is famous for fresh drinks with elegant music.

The Sherlock Holmes is a typically dance club offers the latest music.

The Lord Kinross is another place for entertainment. It is basically restaurant but also a club and bar too with excellent taste in food and great combination of live music.

Restaurants and Dining in Ankara

Everyone wants great dining to their own tastes. Ankara has hundreds of delightful restaurants offering a large variety of tasty food with great hospitality in a peaceful environment. Some of famous restaurants are:

Trilye Restaurant is famous for fish food and other sea food like Kalbur.

Mezzaluna offers a large variety of Italian cuisine.

The Kulis café bar is another prominent bar that offers numerous ranges of refreshing drink or casual dining with indoor or outside seating in a bright and stylish environment.

When to Visit Ankara

It is hot and humid in May-June; coldest duration is December- January with slight rainfall.

There is no time when there are fewer crowds but a suitable time to visit Ankara is July-October because of the normal and dry weather.


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