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Amsterdam is the capital and largest city of beautiful country Netherland and has the great location of The Urban Area.  Amsterdam is the largest city of the Netherland where you can found the main cultural, financial, and political, trade, creative and industrial center. Because of lovely canals Amsterdam is well known as Venice of the North and has impressive architecture buildings and more than 1,500 bridges.

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Things to do in Amsterdam

The beautiful city Amsterdam covers almost all type of places that a visitor wants to visit at a single area. Whenever you come to visit, there are some suggestions to be done or visit in the Amsterdam.

1. The Rijksmuseum

An impressive example of Amsterdam’s finest architecture and the Museum of Art that focuses beautiful artworks and painting collection from the Dutch Golden Age.

2. Museum of the Amsterdam School

One of the best examples of Amsterdam architecture that open only on Tuesday to Sunday 11 AM to 5 PM.

3. The Van Gogh Museum

Another beautiful symbol of artistic work with the largest collection of Van Gogh’s paintings and drawings in the world.

4. The Anne Frank House

History of a Jewish girl named Anne Frank and her diary that has hidden information of her life in the beautiful artistic work.

5. The Amsterdam RAI Theater

A huge convention and exhibition center that musical, operas, comedy nights, ballets and many more.

6. The Oude Kerk

Located on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal, in the beautiful area of red-light district and is one of the oldest place of the five main churches in the historic center of Amsterdam.

7. Dinner Cruise

The best Dining and cruising thing that you can enjoy through the canals and harbour of Amsterdam in the evening. For the tourist, it is an unforgettable evening while enjoying an outstanding three course menu.

8. Vondelpark

The largest park in Amsterdam, Vondelpark is centrally located and easy to reach from a number of popular attraction

9. The Flower Market

This floating flower market on one of the oldest canals of Amsterdam.

10. Schreierstoren

Also famous as “Tower of Tears” built in 1480, a great historical site with attractive arrangement of stones.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has good taste of enjoyment; everyone can enjoy their life in beautiful decorated restaurants/hotels, clubs, cinemas and shopping malls that are opened for 24 hours.

1. Rialto Cinema

One of the best cinemas that offer all types of films in their original language with Dutch subtitles. Rialto Cinema offers late night services with good environment.

2. Coffeshoppes

Allows only above the age of 18 customer to entertain their selves with tasty coffee and only legal to purchase buds at the coffeshoppes.

3. Concertgebouw

A beautiful and architectural Theater that holds free classical concert on every Wednesday at 12:30.

Restaurants and Dining in Amsterdam

We live and earn to eat and if we say about the best place where we can find lots of delicious dishes with attractive environment, no doubt Amsterdam is also one of the best. Some of top restaurant in Amsterdam for different foods are:

1. Damstraat

A small and cheap Chinese and Middle Eastern restaurant that offers numerous falafel bars have a good value, often sporting a “all you can pile” salad bar.

2. Nieuwmark

One the best restaurant that offers great taste in Asian, Chines and Japanese cuisine.

3. Nieuwezijdse kolk

Offers best and different types of ice creams, soups, drinks and bakery cuisines.

When to Visit Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a large city and a major tourist destination, so you can visit it all year round. The best time to visit Amsterdam is during the months of March, April, May, June, September, October and November. These months offers you the most daylight hours in the Amsterdam.

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