Top 5 Things to Do In London on a Budget

London is known as a notoriously costly place to visit but if you’re inevitably bound for London and you’re tight on your budget then this blog might just be your ultimate life saver. There are some undiscovered places in London that requires very little shelling out while some don’t even demand for a fee. Hotels in London are pretty easy to come by and looking slightly out of Zone 1 will mean you can find something more reasonably priced. London is also a hub to explore the rest of Europe and it’s easy on the internet to compare flights to Europe.


Feast your eyes in the splendour of Hyde Park

You’ll never regret going to Hyde Park especially during warm weather because the ambiance and the panoramic view of the Serpentine Lake will enchant you all day. In Hyde Park, you’ll get the chance to witness the wondrous views of the lined galleries from across it. A 30-minute romantic ride is possible and all it takes is five pounds. Bask in the view and take a romantic stroll along Hyde Park with your partner and revel at the marvellous sights surrounding it. See, it doesn’t always have to be expensive so long as you know where the great free sights are. Hyde Park isn’t the only free park in London. There are other beautiful parks to see as well.

Enjoy a hearty English meal at a reasonable budget

Be warned that most of London’s cafes and restaurants have very intimidating facades and decors. The exteriors speak of utmost sophistication which would most likely drive budget conscious tourists away. If you’re one who doesn’t want to spend too much on food then you should try to visit the Phoenix Café in Brixton located at 441 Coldharbour Lane or The Other Side in King’s Cross located at 246-248 Penton Ville Road or again try out Dakin’s under London Bridge located at 7 London Bridge Walk. Forget about all the other upscale restaurants because not only do their offer miniscule servings, they also drain your wallets. So if you want delicious food that’s hot off the grill and offered in hefty servings then you should look for these places. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to ask a few locals around. Most of them know where the cheap food is found.

Visit the Wallace Collection

Hereford House became a popular attraction in London because of its impressive Wallace Collection. The galleries are incredibly huge and they showcase paintings, furnished rooms, weapon and armour displays and so much more. If you’re a lover of the arts then you must not fail to see the Wallace Collection. Most if not all of their paintings were done by some of the world’s best painters.

Tour London’s Museums and Get to Know the Place More

Most people who tour London would ultimately go to some of the city’s popular attractions. Most sought after sights charge you with fees that could make your wallets suffer big time. It may not be blatant at first but as soon as you start reckoning your expenses and add it all up, you’ll be surprised to find that most of your money went to admission fees. Avoid these unnecessary expenses when you could always go to places that wouldn’t cost you a dime. One suggestion is that you visit museums. Almost all of London’s museums are free of charge. Again it wouldn’t hurt if you do a bit of research beforehand. Knowing what street to tread and what ride to take will save you both money and time.

Explore London’s markets

One way of getting to know a city is to visit their markets. It should be noted though that markets sell attractive things which could tempt you to spend. Here’s a suggestion. Go to their markets and sightsee. True enough, there would be loads of nice stuff in there but if you just want to get to know the city and snap some pictures then exploring London’s markets would make your day fun and eventful without hurting your budget. Try out Borough Market or Camden Market!

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