Tips for enjoying European Nightlife

Many students choose to come to Europe at some point during their college career. Some choose to come to Europe to study and others come for the life experience. European nightlife is part of that experience. However, as students you need to know that the nightlife in Europe may not be what you are accustomed to and today we offer up some tips for enjoying European nightlife.

How to Dress

The first thing you need to realize is that there are frat parties and sports bars are practically non-existent in Europe. As such, you are not going to get away with going to the club wearing jeans, tanks, etc. The scene is more fashionable over in Europe and you will be pegged as a tourist wearing casual wear. Those going to Europe on gambling getaways will quickly discover the difference as many casinos have a dress code and some will not even let you in the casino with a shorts and a t-shirt.

Find Out the Tourist Traps

Tourism brings in a lot of money and certain establishments will take full advantage of the tourist trade. Odds are that the more popular a club is with tourists, the more expensive it is. Ask around about the best "locals clubs" and other places where the fees have not been adjusted for tourists.

Don’t Travel Alone

It is not the best idea to travel alone at night, even if you are close to your destination or University. Cab drivers are notorious for looking for tourists, especially Americans, in order to run up a fare or to overcharge you.

The other reason to not travel alone is simple common sense. You are in a new area and even if you think you know your way home, having someone that is hopefully more coherent will ensure that you get home safely.

Watch Your Attitude

While you are in Europe to have a great time, remember that you are still a guest in the country. Take time to learn the customs, language, and keep your attitude in check. Try and absorb the culture as much as possible so that you can learn to blend in better with your surroundings and others.

The above tips are just a few general tips to help you blend in while traveling abroad in Europe. By doing a little planning, staying aware of your surroundings, and learning the culture, you will enjoy your trip more and make memories to last your lifetime.

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