Holiday Finance

Most of us will be lucky to get the opportunity to be whisked away to luxurious holiday hot spots, cruising the Med, wandering around Italy’s many piazza’s or strolling up the Seine. Wherever you are heading off to it all starts with a little financial planning first. We have put together just a couple of ideas which will help you achieve the holiday of a lifetime!


Many people do it the old fashioned way and put a little away each month and book the holiday the previous year, which allows them to save up the appropriate amount and then shop around for the best deal when the time comes. This can be a great way to grab a last minute bargain (although there have been fewer and fewer around) and gives you lots of time to research where you would like to go.

Some people prefer booking through the travel agents and paying it up through them. A lot of people like doing this because it is convenient and allows them to pay up little by little and usually can be done through a company’s website for added ease. The downside to this can be leaving you too little time to explore other options and is very difficult to change the booking as it is being paid up.

Some people just don’t like saving and they hate waiting for their holiday to come around in a year’s time or so. So there is a rising trend in the amount of people taking out a loan for their holidays. What this does it allows the holiday goer to get a loan relatively quickly and they pay the loan over the course of the following year and continue that cycle and they can get off on their trip in no time!

However you choose to finance your holiday make sure it is affordable and you don’t over stretch yourself and have a great time, arrivederci!

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