Guest Contributors: Write For Us

Do you have a travel blog or are you an aspiring writer?

Travel Advice Europe welcomes guest posts from other writers. Guest posting allows you to showcase your talent to a related audience that isn’t your own and expand your readership. We’ll include a by-line that includes a link back to your own content or profile.

What do we ask for?

  • The content must be original and not posted elsewhere on the internet.
  • We don’t set a word limit as such. Approximately 500 words but this can be more if the subject matter demands it.
  • Images for inclusion in the post are desirable.
  • Links are acceptable within the post but excessive linking to unrelated content is not.
  • Subject matter can be varied. Our aim is to inform, inspire and entertain. If your article does at least one of these then we will consider it.

We reserve the right to edit articles for SEO purposes. Quality is of utmost importance and submission does not guarantee acceptance. So if you are interested in featuring on Travel Advice Europe you can send post ideas or on spec posts to TravelAdviceEurope (at) yahoo (dot) com or get in touch here.

Image: Davidan

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  1. Boris Dzhingarov
    June 27, 2012 at 3:28 pm #

    I really like and often read your blog. You are writing for very interesting thing about travelling abroad. I think it is really good to share all that travelling experience with everybody. I would like to write articles in your Guest Blog. I am currently writing for I would like to share my travel experience
    Best wishes,

    Boris Dzhingarov

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