Golden Sands in Bulgaria

I love a resort that does exactly what it says on the tin, and you can’t get more obvious than Golden Sands in Bulgaria. This resort literally does have golden sands, lots and lots of it, and it’s a fantastic resort too!

Sitting pretty on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, this is a man-made resort, surrounded by stunning countryside and hills, making it a fantastic base for a holiday, but also for getting out and about in the countryside too. The perfect combination.

Golden Sands

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This really is a package holiday ideal, with costs very low once you get to resort, especially for nights out. You can find some fantastic deals heading over to Golden Sands, and costs can be cut even further still, if you look into extras to be added onto your travel plans. I rarely travel without airport parking these days, and use Manchester airport parking regularly. I like the peace of mind that I have complete control over my travel plans, and the knowledge that my car is waiting for me when I get back home. You also save money on the cost of expensive airport taxis, so this is certainly something to look into. No matter which airport you’re travelling from, you’ll find a service for you, such as Dublin Airport parking so check out what’s available.

Once you’re in resort, it’s easy to get around, with a good bus service, however I prefer to use my feet and wander around; I often find you stumble upon things you wouldn’t have if you were in car. Bear in mind the resort is quite hilly though, so you might want to take it steady, especially in the heat.

The beach is certainly where I’d be spending the majority of my time, and you’re not short of space to park your towel! Perfect for families, the waters are shallow and space is plentiful, however in summer, even this can get busy. There are many water-sports on offer, which I’d suggest you give a go, as this is a great way to cool down in the often intense heat. An alternative to beach splashing is the Aquapolis water-park, certainly a good day out for all the family.

If beaches and splashing around gets tiresome, head out and explore. Varna, the country’s former capital, is a great day out, with lots of archaeology and some great shopping opportunities. The area is also famous for its rejuvenating Roman mineral springs.

Lazing and exploring can be exhausting, but when the sun goes down, Golden Sands comes alive. There is an entertainment type for everyone, so if you fancy a quiet night, head to a nice restaurant and eat a good meal, have a few drinks; if you’re there with family, you’re well catered for with many child-friendly bars; and if you want to party ‘til dawn, you have many bars and clubs to choose from!

There are many drinks offers available, and you’ll find that a night out in Golden Sands is cheap, and certainly won’t break the bank. All this makes this a destination perfect for a bargain break

Golden Sands, golden sun, golden memories – fun in the sun indeed!

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