Exploring Berlin

Home of various landmarks and activities, the capital of Germany is an exciting city and a superb vacation destination. The city acts as an essential link of continental transport and it is easy to Find cheap accommodation in Berlin. You can do a lot of things to make your Berlin tour unforgettable.

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The Berlin Wall and Eastern Berlin

Take a ride along seven miles, stop off to climb up one of the last border watch towers, complete with the original border walls. See where East Berliners dreadfully jumped from their roof tops to get into the West. Stop at Checkpoint Charlie and hear the story of travel in and out of the Iron Curtain during that time. Make sure you visit the Wall Museum and don’t miss out on the spectacular view of the Brandenburg Gate.

Wellness and Saunas in Berlin

Just like many other Northern European countries, Berlin has a passion for sauna and wellness. The city of Berlin has some world class spa and sauna venues The Sultan Hamam, Thermin Berlin and Gewoelbe sauna’s are all very well regarded and professional wellness places to unwind.

Churches, Museums and Art Galleries in Berlin

People of Berlin have been blessed with an abundance of art and culture. There are some wonderful churches like Berliner Dom, Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche, and Marienkirche is nothing but the living proof of their exceptional sense of aesthetics. Berlin has an individual way of describing it’s tale with a series of magnificent museums that not only tell about the momentousness of the place but also satisfies the desire for knowledge in history lovers. Museums deal with a range of areas from Muslim history to ancient Greek history have found their place in Berlin and some very good selections would be Museumsinsel, Deutsches Historisches Museum not excluding Gemäldegaleri. Berlin is not devoid of the sense of imagination and this also seen in their art galleries, such as Art Center Berlin Friedrichstraße, Galerie Eigen & Art and lastly, loop — raum fur aktuelle kunst.

Shopping in Berlin

One might associate London and Paris more so, when it comes to shopping in European cities. If you are fascinated in the wellness feature of Berlin culture though or have significance in attractions such as the Berlin wall, you will find that Berlin certainly has plenty of shopping opportunities. German art and style does exist and does offer something different.

Operas, Theatres, Concerts and Cinemas in Berlin

Berlin has over fifty theaters including the Deutsche Oper, the Berlin State Opera, and the Komische Oper, the Deutsches Theater, the Berliner Ensemble, the Volksbühne, the Schaubühne, and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Acts from all over the world stop off in Berlin for their world tours.

Parks in Berlin

You can also take walking tours to the national as well as local animal sanctuaries including Volkspark Friedrichshain, Volkspark Humboldthain, The Botanical Gardens, Zoo (Zoologischer Garten), Tiergarten, Kurfurstendamm (Kurfurstendam), Pfaueninsel Park (Peacock Island), Potsdam’s Gardens, Alter Garnisonsfriedhof, Schlachtensee, Grunewald Forest, Kollwitzplatz, Treptower Park and Abenteuerspielplatz Marie. You really are spoilt for choice in Berlin.


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Berlin Nightlife

Berlin has a fashionable and extremely dynamic nightlife. The feel of clubs, cafes and bars in Berlin is basically second to none. Berlin is famous for its most miscellaneous and exciting nightlife scene in Europe. We recommend Panorama Bar or the Golden Gate.

Been to Berlin? What would you recommend?

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