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Madrid is the capital city of Spain and it is located in the middle of Iberian Peninsula on the Manzanares River and between Castilla-La Mancha and Castilla-y Leon. The city of beautiful sceneries and peaceful attract tourist to visit every year. Daily activities include walks, museums and tourist tours while at night you can go in many entertainment places. Madrid is also the largest city in Spain.

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Things to do in Madrid

Madrid is a historical city and all areas of it have their own importance. Whenever you come to visit, there are some suggestions to be done or visit in the Madrid.

1. The Royal Palace

It is the most beautiful building in the Madrid and the largest royal palace in Western Europe.

2. The Puerta del Sol

Madrid’s most central and best known square with attractive look for the newly visitor.

3. The Plaza Mayor

It is the wonderful surrounded area of Madrid and a perfect place to enjoy the outside view.

4. The Templo de Debod

It is an authentic 2nd Century BC Egyptian temple that is built in the middle of Madrid for spending the precisions moments of life.

5. The Madrid Cathedral

Madrid’s largest church and most important historic place for the worshippers.

6. The Plaza de la Villa

Amazingly historic square area with the great history of the 15th Century Torre de Lujanes, 16th Century Casa de Cisneros and the 17th Century Casa de la Villa.

7. The Puerta de Alcalá

Another old city gate with great history and also famous for the dedication of songs.

8. The Gran Vía

Madrid’s most famous and most central street that attracts everyone to be visit.

9. The Plaza de Cibeles

It is the Central Square where Real Madrid celebrates championship wins and home to the Bank of Spain. This area is also famous for the celebration point.

10. The Plaza de Oriente

Beautiful square located in front of the Royal Palace with great interior design and huge buildings.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Madrid

If we talk about the night life of Madrid’s people, so the life of citizens begins for the coffee bar and cafes. This nightlife is start on before 23:00, and stay up till 07:00 or 08:00 in the morning.

1. The Beer And Cider

Best drinking place in Madrid, it is a traditional bar and famous as one of the cider bars, or ‘cidrerias’ with full of enjoyment events.

2. The Joy club

Another well-known club across Europe that attracts at multi-national crowd with the mixture of popular dance music and many more.

3. The Libertad 8

Is a very popular and great cafe that offers entertainment shows such as live music and storytelling.

Restaurants and Dining in Madrid

The best dining area in Spain is Madrid that covers almost all the national and international dishes for the tourist and visitor to eat and enjoy taste.

1. The Malacatin

A best restaurant and famous for Mediterranean, Spanish, Tapas, Winery dinning with the Reservations and Late Night servings.

2. The Restaurante La Barraca

Specializing in ‘paellas’ with great classic and traditional restaurant serving of every type of Spanish rice dish.

3. The Botín

It is the classic restaurant fuels an eternal debate between those who say it is too touristy and those who praise its authenticity.

When to Visit Madrid

The most suitable month to be visit Madrid is August. It is the month of peaceful. In one survey it is to be considered that it is also best because about 75% of the city’s restaurants and shop malls also decide that it’s time for a vacation and close for the month, however visitors usually find enough for their needs.


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